Flare Tip Replacement

Flare tips are the exhaust end of a process facility manufacturing or producing oil and gas by products or refined products mostly but not limited to the oil and gas industry. The flares are used to burn excess gases from the production process with the ignition process being the pilot light and the nozzle commonly known as the flare tip. Once ignited, the flare will mostly burn all year round and can be seen for miles much like a navigational or lighthouse in the old days. Because of the heat and robust usage of the flare, occasionally after a few years, the flare tip can get damaged or does not flare efficiently leading to the occasion flare tip change out. This is where Seacad comes into the picture.

We are able to do the following:

  • Flare tip replacement without the use of helicopter or heavy cranes.
  • Tip replacement using custom made and simplified lifting davit.
  • Rigging and slinging studies plus temporary structures and anchor points design
  • Provision of initial rigging lines, winch wire and lift winches including any temporary spreader beaus or frames.
  • Removal and installation of any existing pilot lines, steam lines, and expansion bellows.
  • Supply and installation of caged ladders, platform supports, electrical and instrumentation cabling works.
  • Abseiling blasting and painting works.
  • Prefabrication and testing of replacement ignition/fuel/stream lines with hydro test and radiographic NDT.
  • Load testing and onshore verification and FAT to ensure constructability, ease of assembly and structural integrity.

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