This training gives an overview of fall protection PPE and the do’s and don’ts of the PPE inspection comprising elements of marking/certifications/storage/transportation/maintenance etc. Those PPE consists of individual equipment such safety as harness/ slings/ pulleys/ ropes/ascenders/fall arrestors etc. This course will highlight to candidates the importance of taking care of their own PPE and give them the tools to safe guard their mission specific HSE goals and ultimately their own lives. It is especially suitable for frontline emergency response taskforce to team (ERT) in any onshore or offshore plants/ refineries/ platforms/ terminals that deal in combustible and volatile gases/ liquids/ solids etc.


The course objectives:

  • To be capable of performing a pre-use check, inspection and thorough examination, in accordance with the Manufacturers Inspection protocol.
  • To be capable of identifying damage and defects that require product retirement.


Course Outline:

  • Preparation for PPE Inspection
  • Introduction to the use of fall protection PPE
  • Principles of risk analysis and precautionary measure
  • PPE Inspection Legislation & Regulations, Guidelines relating to Work at Heights
  • Definition and Prerogatives of a person who is competent in PPE Inspection
  • The Safety Register
  • Creation and Marketing of PPE
  • Hazards relating to Working at Height, Hazards Management & Control
  • Principles for Work at Heights
  • Fall Arrest Techniques
  • Work Positioning
  • Work Restraint
  • Rescue from Heights
  • Equipment used for Rescue from Height
  • Self-Rescue Techniques in an emergency situation
  • Rescue at Height – Response Methodology


  • 3 days training



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